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During 20 years of my professional career, which I started as a management consultant, I drove success in SMEs and corporates. As a well experienced CEO, I provided leadership to international teams in various industries to achieve ambitious goals in complex as well as fast-paced environments. Although every industry has its own requirements, it all boils down to understanding customer needs and expectations, developing tailored products/services, creating performance-based marketing campaigns and -above all- enabling a team to surpass itself.

From the early beginning on I was interested in software and electronic devices and today I am fully convinced that we are still at the very beginning of the digitization of our professional as well as private life. Those managers who embrace this inevitable development as an opportunity are likely to capture the large economic potential linked to digitization which is constantly and, in most cases, unexpectedly changing industry boundaries. (But rest assured that there are many success-critical creative tasks left for human beings where AI would miserably fail in the foreseeable future).

Above accomplishments and insights are rooted in my solid educational foundation as a PhD in business administration and, more importantly, in my boundless curiosity about a wide range of subjects. My skill sets include: strategy development, product and service development, performance marketing, business development, (international) sales, finance, investor relations, fund raising, people management and, of course, digitization. My professional experience covers the following industries: medtech, ecommerce, energy/renewables, hrtech, telecommunication & high-tech.

When not at work, I like to spent quality time with my family and to engage in endurance sports.

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